FotoFlo M for iPhone

FotoFlo M for iPhone expands upon the original FotoFlo for iPad.  With a new user interface and a number of new features, FotoFlo M provides a truly unique experience for interactively adding your voice to your photos.

Import your photos from your iPhone, Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa.  Place text on your photos or create colorful title screens for your recording.  Pan, zoom in, zoom out and put a Spotlight on your photos during your recording.  Add an audio track from your iTunes library for some background music.

When you’re finished recording, upload your recording to the FotoFlo portal, where your recording will be converted to video for free.  You can share your with your friends on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or by email, and you can download your videos to your computer.

Not sure you want to spend $0.99 on FotoFlo M?  Then downloadFotoFlo M Lite for free and take it for a spin.  All of the features ofFotoFlo M, but with a 30 second record time limit.